Accounting integration
and workflow automation...

Streamline your entire digital ecosystem in minutes, literally.

Autymate offers a visual, no-code platform that empowers
business users to automate complex accounting and payroll processes
faster and cheaper than traditional approaches.

All without a single line of code.

Connect everyone to everything - works like magic.

Automate all of your industry-specific workflows with speed, ease and efficiency.

Accounting Automation

Automate repetitive, high volume, error prone manual accounting processes.

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HCM-Payroll Automation

Streamline your HCM and Payroll processes with end-to-end workflow automation. Easily create triggers and actions to save time and eliminate errors.

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Healthcare Automation

Automate financial processes across separate silo systems within multi-entity organizations.

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No-coding required
Simply connect the dots

Autymate is the best integration platform (iPaas) to connect accounting applications and to automate your business.

The Autymate Platform leverages connectors, templates, and integration apps so that workflows no longer have to be built from scratch.

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Build complex workflow automations and
eliminate time consuming manual processes

Autymate leverages next generation iPaaS technologies to centralize integrations and automations onto a single platform, while significantly reducing the time and resources needed to build and maintain these integrations.

Autymate’s ease of use allows integrations to be built by functional consultants, business users or junior developers.

Because anyone can manage an integration, they can be delegated to other departments, freeing up IT bandwidth to focus on more valuable, mission critical activities.

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All of your data in an
"easy to use" dashboard

Automation is the future of business.
Companies that don’t adopt a powerful, holistic application integration strategy will lose out to those who do.

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The “Auty” Difference

Autymate unifies your entire digital ecosystem

Save Time

Real-time data for instant insights across a range of legacy and cloud-based systems.

Save Money

The only tool you need to completely automate your workflows.

Data Accuracy

Data accuracy, security and efficient tracking is ensured throughout its journey.

Data Visualization

Create visual aids from complex data for better decision making.

No Coding Necessary

Our No-Code/Low-Code Platform lets you quickly and easily build accounting automations.

Higher Productivity

Autymate can automate all of your processes - while you focus on building your business.

Global Leaders trust Autymate with their high-level
software integration projects
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Don`t Take Our Word For it

See what our customers have achieved

20 + Hours
Eliminated Per Week

Franchise Automation: Jimmy Johns to QuickBooks

In this case study, we save a 15 store franchise owner of Jimmy Johns stores over $30,000 dollars in labor costs by automating the Point of Sale entries into QuickBooks Desktop. We also provide more accurate numbers to run their business and help them to eliminate fraud.

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Productivity KPIs
900+ Providers
2000 Hours
Saved Annually

Autymate Partners with ULP to Automate Productivity Reports for 900s+ Providers

Autymate created an automated process to manage and report provider productivity for more than 900 physicians. The Autymate application connects 6 disparate systems and sources to automatically generate the reports on a daily basis.

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Invoices Delivered
Time Savings
Manual Workflows

FinancialForce to QuickBooks: Accounting Automation

Autymate created workflow automation to generate invoices from FinancialForce into QuickBooks, allowing the client to issue customer invoices faster, reduce accounts receivables and allow the back-office accounting team to close monthly financials more efficiently.

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