Healthcare Automation

Increase efficiency and quality of care.

Certified HIPAA compliant to ensure peace of mind.

Security is at the top of every executive’s mind. Autymate has taken the extra steps to ensure that what’s private stays private. We utilize industry best-practices for transferring, storing, and accessing patient data, with years of experience working with hospitals and medical practices.


Too many make the mistake of assuming digital transformation means a complete overhaul of their current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or core management software.

Health Care Device Management

Improve Compliance, Increase Data Quality & Eliminate Duplicate Workflow Processes In Your Hospital

Duplicating data entry into multiple systems is life-draining, energy expensive and prone to human error which could lead to quality and regulatory issues.

Autymate for Healthcare ensures that data is synced across your Hospital's CMMS with other systems to optimize your medical device management processes.

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Acquisition Integrations

Autymate is an experienced provider of customized integration solutions for the healthcare market.

As value-based reimbursement puts financial pressure on providers, healthcare organizations are striving for efficiency, cost control, and sustainability. An increasingly popular strategy to fulfill all these goals is to engage in hospital merger and acquisition (M&A) activity.

In order to survive and thrive amidst industry disruption, many progressive healthcare providers are pioneering new business models anchored by a modern, “composable," API-led approach to IT.

IT teams are also considering a microservices-based architecture as a means of digesting and integrating new acquisitions.

Autymate can provide a complete integration and work flow automation solutions to ensure the successful assimilation of your new acquisition.

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Legacy System Integrations

Adopt new SaaS technologies and enable them to work with legacy systems and data. Leverage the Autymate Integration platform to modernize data management within your healthcare enterprise.

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Provider Productivity

For healthcare organizations, it’s vital to manage the efficiency and effectiveness of providers. Clinic or practice managers need the ability to isolate causes of variance in productivity, based on differences in acuity and/or volume of patient visits. This analysis is the key to identifying and prioritizing improvements.

Manually compiling provider productivity data is not effective. It’s labor intensive to compile EMR, billing system, and external benchmark data to prepare static reports. In turn, dated, one-dimensional, static reports don’t support meaningful analysis of provider productivity and the drivers of variation.

Autymate specializes in aggregating and distilling real time provider data and using data visualization tools and dashboards to provide access to real time Provider Productivity KPIs.

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Healthcare Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) costs consistently rank as some of the largest expenses for healthcare and hospital systems.The total cost of getting a product from manufacturer to the hospital or physician’s office includes the initial purchase price along with logistics costs, insurance, duties, taxes and other fees.
“We’re seeing a shift towards a circular economy model, often referred to as ‘closed loop manufacturing.’ It’s a supply chain approach wherein raw materials, parts, and components are kept in the system for as long as possible, providing higher value and utility over time,” says Jim Salmons vice president of Philips Multi-Vendor Services and AllParts Medical in Nashville,

Autymate integration and work flow automation tools can provide your health care organization with access to all data related to SCM.

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