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June 27, 2021
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Optimized Invoice Processing: Enliven Data's 1 Million Invoices Solution

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In today's fast-paced business environment, efficiency and accuracy are paramount for success. Enliven Data Solutions is already using QuickBooks Online, but they faced the challenge of streamlining their invoicing process while maintaining data integrity and reducing manual labor.

Autymate flagship product, Autymate Transactions (AMT), was the perfect solution to address these challenges. This case study will explore how AMT transformed Enliven Data Solutions' invoicing process by accurately aggregating data, seamlessly integrating with QuickBooks, and providing a user-friendly interface that reduced an 80-hour workload to just 3 minutes. In addition, with advanced features such as a pre-validation page and multiple mapping options, AMT ensured easy reconciliation, credibility, and data preservation while significantly improving efficiency.

Watch the 3-minute video on how in 10 minutes, Enliven saved 80 hours per month and 20-30k in invoicing mistakes: 


In the competitive business landscape, leveraging data-driven insights is crucial for organizations to excel and achieve their goals.Enliven Data Solutionsoffers a comprehensive range of data services, enabling businesses to harness the potential of unified data platforms and make informed decisions by providing a suite of services, including analytics, automation, and insights, that help companies connect the dots and optimize performance across various business functions. This case study will explore the various components of Enliven Data Solutions' offerings, such as their unified data platform, dashboards and reporting, data optimization, integration services, and advertiser portal, and how these services empower businesses to perform at a higher level.


The Challenge

The Challenge

Enliven Data Solutions grappled with manually inputting invoice data into QuickBooks, sifting through thousands of lines and millions of dollars to ensure accurate customer billing. This mundane accounting process consumed approximately 80 hours per week for each client every month, where the CPA had to use a ruler to the screen to reconcile the invoices as the data set was extravagant. In addition, the manual process often led to discrepancies between billed amounts and actual amounts due, typically from overlooked or unaccounted line items. Enliven Data Solutions sought a comprehensive solution that could guarantee accurate data transfer from their files to QuickBooks while offering the flexibility to customize the information in their reports.

Our Solution

To address the challenges faced by Enliven Data Solutions, Autymate developed a tailored mapping solution and devised a streamlined process that dramatically reduced the time and effort required to transfer invoice data into QuickBooks. Previously, manual data entry took 40 hours per month for each client, often leading to discrepancies in billing. With Autymate solution, the entire process was reduced to under an hour, resulting in accurate billing and substantial time savings.

Autymate solution involved transforming the raw data from the client's internal system into a format compatible with QuickBooks, using a custom program developed in Visual Studio. This program consolidated necessary fields and eliminated extraneous information, ensuring seamless integration with QuickBooks. Once the data was processed, it was uploaded to Autymate Transactions (AMT), facilitating the efficient transfer of information into QuickBooks. This streamlined approach allowed Enliven Data Solutions to achieve accurate invoicing and improve overall efficiency.

Here is an example of the mapping we created for Enliven Data Solutions:

Mapping page feasibility:

Our solution allows for precise mapping of the files specified to eliminate and post only the preferred data into QuickBooks, as well as a pre-validation view that provides an overview of what will be posted.

Advanced Mapping Functionality:

In order to simplify the manual process of editing numerous invoices, we created this innovative game-changer that allowed customers to enter specific conditions into their invoice item names. This ensures that all relevant information can be accurately mapped and stored in the reference number field without any need for manual adjustments.


By utilizing low-code, no-code advanced mapping features provided the feasibility to effortlessly edit or change any action assigned to a particular entity without having to go through the complicated process of creating new codes.


Pre-Validation Table:

To ensure the meticulous accuracy of our data, AMT has a pre-validation table that mirrors QuickBooks to review every last detail before forwarding it to the final postings.

Summary Dashboard:

Our tailored dashboard for users/affiliates is designed to not only show the amount of time saved by automating each function but also provide insightful reports in a graphical format over any date range.

Affiliates can log into their payment dashboards, download a CSV file, and upload it to the prepared "Auty-mation" with no changes needed to be made to the CSV file.

Click HERE to watch a live recorded demo of the mapping we created for Enliven Data Solutions.


Autymate Transactions (AMT) revolutionizes the automation of labor-intensive tasks related to manual invoice data entry into QuickBooks. This powerful solution streamlines the accounting process for Enliven Data Solutions, saving valuable time and resources. With AMT, Enliven Data Solutions can now transfer data with precision and accuracy, eliminating discrepancies and enhancing efficiency in their billing process.

A key feature of AMT is its advanced mapping functionality, which allows Enliven Data Solutions to specify mappings for any entities they may use in the future beyond just invoices. This process ensures accurate data transfer from files into QuickBooks. In addition, multiple mapping options are available to maintain the originality of the files and import the desired data into QuickBooks for seamless reconciliation and credibility.

AMT also provides a pre-validation table to ensure meticulous data accuracy and a customized dashboard that displays time saved and detailed statistics for each transaction. It enables Enliven Data Solutions to monitor the progress of its accounting process and make any necessary adjustments to increase efficiency.

In conclusion, Autymate Transactions (AMT) is a powerful solution that significantly improves Enliven Data Solutions' accounting process. By automating the arduous task of manual invoice data entry into QuickBooks, AMT saves time and resources while eliminating discrepancies and enhancing billing efficiency. Upgrade your accounting process with Autymate Transactions and experience the difference it makes in your business.

Invest in the Autymate automation tool today and witness your business save time and money by streamlining repetitive, error-prone accounting tasks. Our advanced technology guarantees savings by completing these tasks in a fraction of the time it would take to perform them manually. Take advantage of this opportunity for increased efficiency.

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