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June 27, 2021
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Atlas Medstaff Netsuite Integration With Bullhorn ATS

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Atlas Medstaff


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Autymate HR Integration

The thing that was most surprising was that the Autymate programmers really wanted to understand how the business ran. They asked a lot of good questions upfront to understand what we're trying to accomplish and make our business better. They really tried to understand and make recommendations on things they had seen in the past that worked. They wanted to make sure it was done right and correct upfront. I thought that was a refreshing approach that I hadn't really seen a lot before...

Monte Roy
Chief Financial Officer - Atlas Medstaff

Atlas Medstaff is one of the Fastest Growing US Staffing Firms in the United States, with over 1,700 Travelling Nursing professionals nationwide.  This rapid nationwide growth rendered manual internal processes unsustainable.  The Atlas team contacted Autymate and Newbury Consulting to explore our integration platform and workflow automation solutions to automate costly manual data entry processes and improve data accuracy between Bullhorn and Netsuite.


Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Atlas Medstaff LLC is a full-service, national Human Resources and staffing agency specializing in providing services to hospitals and traveling nurses nationwide. Atlas has 1,700 employees and generates $200 million in annual sales. They have:

  • 80 Recruiters
  • 15 Client Managers
  • 50 member Ops Team
  • 1,700 Licensed Registered nurse

Autymate's Bullhorn integration helped Atlas Medstaff save time and avoid costly errors in its staffing processes. With business processes managed for them automatically, reporting has become more accurate, weekly batch payroll is no longer a burden, and they can seamlessly share data without any worries of human error.

Autymate's integration solutions enable the Atlas Medstaff team to focus on the job they love doing- helping their recruiters, client managers, and nurses and being the heroes for their clients and partners.


With their growing team and ongoing demand for healthcare staffing, Atlas Medstaff needed to find a way to integrate NetSuite and Bullhorn ATS. Manual data entry in these two platforms made business processes prone to human error.

By implementing Autymate's HR Accounting Integration, Bullhorn and NetSuite now seamlessly operate as one system. Data between each platform are synced, removing the need to add other software or move to another cloud-based platform that would be costly and inefficient to their growing company.

The Challenge

Creating a Single Source of Truth Between Bullhorn and Netsuite
Creating a Single Source of Truth Between Bullhorn and Netsuite

Issue in a nutshell is that Bullhorn contains all the employee hours and that needed to be turned into invoices in NetSuite every week, which was keeping the staff up to 2 AM every Friday.

The challenge for Atlas Medstaff was how to connect NetSuite to their applicant tracking system.  As most of our business users, Atlas was prone to costly errors by transferring data manually across multiple systems. With over 500 people in their team (and growing), they need to automate data entry and integrate Bullhorn and NetSuite to act as one system.

Our Solution

Leveraging the HR Accounting Integration, our goal was to connect NetSuite with Bullhorn One within the optimal timeframe Atlas needs. With the added functionality of Bullhorn integration, Atlas increased the quality of its services, and they can develop company processes more efficiently.

Autymate automated the invoicing and Accounts Receivables for over 1,700 employees working for different hospitals every week. With a click of a button, all of the invoices can be sent out without any mistakes. So why not let Autymate automate your business and take care of the mundane tasks for you? Schedule your free whiteboarding session here.


NetSuite integration with Bullhorn ATS is a game-changer that has given the Atlas Medstaff team a competitive advantage in their recruitment tech stack. With our transparent and customized NetSuite integrations, they can save time and scale their recruitment without being held back.

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