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November 5, 2019
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Franchise Automation: Jimmy Johns to QuickBooks

20 + Hours
Eliminated Per Week


Jimmy John's




Product Used:

Autymate Franchise Autymation Solution

Autymate has saved our business so much time and money and customized our solution to match our specific needs perfectly. It has been a joy working with them! Now we know the data is accurate in QuickBooks for all our locations so we can make better decisions as we continue to grow.

Stormi Kidd
Jimmy Johns Multi-Unit Franchise Owner



Jimmy John’s franchise owner Kidd’s Restaurants integrated their Point of Sale System with QuickBooks Desktop to generate Sales Receipt Automation.

Before implementing Autymate, Kidd’s Restaurants was using Macromatics POS system for tracking daily sales across its 10 Jimmy John’s restaurants in Highland, Illinois. In addition to Macromatics, the franchise owner used QuickBooks Desktop to maintain accounting records and generate sales summary reports.

Automated POS Integration with QuickBooks Desktop and Online

The Challenge

The most significant pain point for Kidd’s Restaurant was exporting weekly sales summary reports from Macromatics POS and manually transferring data within these reports into QuickBooks Desktop each week. This process was time-consuming and required a full-time admin to complete the weekly administrative operations. Additionally, the franchise owner recognized that errors and inconsistencies were often discovered upon reviewing the weekly financial summary reports in QuickBooks Desktop.

Our Solution

Autymate engaged with Kidd’s Restaurants in 2019 to understand the data workflow and mapping between Macromatics POS and QuickBooks Desktop. Once the workflow and mapping were understood by the Autymate team, a weekly integration pipeline was applied between the two systems. The integration pipeline applies the business logic provided by the Kidds Restaurant team to extract the weekly sales summary information from the POS reports, and import new sales receipts into QuickBooks.

Benefits to the Franchise Owner

▪ Integrated 15 Stores
▪ Automated Import
▪ 100% accuracy of business logic applied between Macromatics and QuickBooks
▪ Reduction in fraud because more time is spent looking at the numbers vs getting the numbers into QuickBooks   Desktop.
Eliminated 40 hours per week
Before Autymate: 40 hours * 52 Weeks * $17 an hour = $35,360 in Costs
After Autymate: 10 Stores * $30 Per Store = $300 Monthly
▪ $35,360 – $3,600 (annual project costs)   = $31,760  in savings


Need this integration or one similar?

Autymate can connect to any version of QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.

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