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February 11, 2021
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Jitasa Manages Account Service Levels for 300+ non-profit clients.

KPI for 350+ Clients
= Enhanced Customer Experience
Track Acct Manager KPIs
= Client Retention
Onboard 150 Clients
Days v Weeks


Jitasa Group


Non Profit Accounting Services


Product Used:

CPA Client Engagement Automation Solution

“Autymate’s Client Engagement Automation Solution allows us to monitor and comply with all aspects of our Customer SLA and provides Jitasa management with real-time access to actionable client KPIs and employee performance data, replacing expensive, time-consuming manual tracking processes.”

Aaron Tevis
Manager of Quality Assurance


Founded in 2008, Jitasa is the largest national accounting and bookkeeping provider dedicated solely to the nonprofit sector.

With a fierce growth trajectory and a critical need for streamlined accurate data, Jitasa had to find a strategic partner to offload and standardize the labor-intensive bookkeeping processes that were being handled manually through a coordinated effort of account managers and management. By implementing Autymate’s customizable platform and services, Jitasa has successfully onboarded 150 clients onto the Autymate platform in 90 days with the help of just 4 account managers and a customer success manager.

Now with Autymate as their partner, they have the bandwidth to focus on their advisory services, firm efficiencies, and reaching their goal of supporting 1,000+ clients by 2023.Since incorporating Autymate’s platform and services into the Jitasa business model, the firm has been able to shift its focus to innovation, growth, and client engagement. Autymate’s strategic partnership has provided Jitasa with the additional human and technical capacity to be able to grow and scale their accounting firm; they now have the right platform with automation, the accuracy needed for proper benchmarking, and the highest level of financial oversight of all their clients’ bookkeeping from the Autymate team.

Jitasa is always striving to provide extraordinary client service and the recent Covid 19 pandemic has presented both challenges and opportunities. Most recently Jitasa recognized the value of pre-qualifying clients for PPP loans so that eligible non-profits could apply early and certainly prior to the statutory filing deadlines. Jitasa solicited the help of Autymate to automate the pre-qualification calculation.


The Challenge

The challenge for Jitasa was how to monitor timely completion of bookkeeping and reconciliation services by Client Account Managers worldwide. Specifically, Jitasa needed real time visibility as to number and $$ amount of uncategorized, unclassified transactions, as well as overdue account reconciliations and spikes in miscellaneous expenses. Part of the Jitasa value proposition is a corporate promise to ensure timely account reconciliations, accurate and timely transaction categorizations and classification via QuickBooks online for all 350+ non profit clients.

Our Solution

Leveraging the CPA Engagement Automation Solution, Jitasa extracted and aggregated real-time client data directly from QBO to view, access and confirm timely and accurate account reconciliations and transaction processing.


Partnering with Autymate, Jitasa can monitor customer service and ultimately the client experience for over 350+ nonprofit accounts nationwide. Jitasa can now proudly advise clients their bank accounts reconciliations have been performed timely per the SOW and that all client transactions have been recorded, classified, and categorized accurately and timely.

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