Custom HR App Development

From employee directories to onboarding documents, from training solutions to payroll and benefits tools, the possibilities of building company-branded HR apps are endless with Autymate’s low code development platform.

All without writing a single line of code.

Custom Development, Integration, Portals, Reporting
It Can Be Done, Let's Figure Out How.

Without writing a single line of code.

Custom HR Application Development

Custom-built HR software is a popular alternative because of its ability to cater to each business’s individual requirements and specifications.

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User Adoption is Easier

Custom-built software is tailored to mesh with existing employee workflows and is flexible enough to be modified as business needs change over time.

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Citizen Developers Welcome

For non-developers, “no-code” tools empower them to build, modify, and use enterprise apps that fulfill emerging needs almost as soon as that need arises.

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Agile Scrum Project
Management Methodology

We use Agile/Scrum based project management methodologies and related best practices, including:

  • Daily stand-ups over video calls.

  • 2-weeks sprint planning & development cycle.

  • End of week Sprint Review with demonstrations / showcases.

  • Minimum 2 hours of overlap with client’s time zone.

  • Use of online collaboration tools like Slack, JIRA,
    Github, Jenkins, Webex, Trello, etc.

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