Recruit, manage, pay and invoice.

Helping Deliver Integration Solutions to Drive Bullhorn One Middle Office Automations

Let Autymate’s Integration Solutions drive a seamless 'order to cash' prosess - Placement to cash application.

  • Easily hire and onboard employees.

  • Paybill for employees, contractors and clients.

  • Sync data between the Bullhorn enterprise systems of accounting and payroll systems for better job costing.

“Straight Through Processing”

From closing the sales transaction to billing the customer. Your order to cash process can be fully automated.

  • Onboarding
  • Approval
  • Payable Charges
  • Client Assignment
  • Pay Date
  • Customer Invoice
  • Time Sheet
  • Check
  • Cash Receipt

Eliminates costly human intervention.

Automating the Labor Supply Chain is critical to enterprise efficiency and the employee experience.

Integration middleware process technology flexibility.

"Straight through Processing is the gold standard for enabling technology to automate the labor supply chain."
- Tim Jackson, Princical PPT Partners Group, INC.
Automating the the labor supply chain to acheive “straight through processing” should be a priority for Enterprise HR Teams. Leveraging low code no code technologies to integrate financial and HRIS systems to drive HCM workflow automation is imperative for enterprises to scale.

Brad Plaschke, CCO Autymate LLC

Leverage Autymate/Bullhorn Accounting Integrations
to Automate your paybill process.

Seamless Integrations

Clean user interface for mapping workers customers, vendors, GL accounts, custom fields.

Highly Configurable

Customize and automate the invoicing process time reporting and to meet client needs.

In Depth Reporting

Connect your payroll, banking general ledger data to Bullhorn's reporting solution (Canvas) to track client billing history, gross margin by placement or business line, and more.

Fully Automated

From Bullhorn to your payroll and general ledger system all the way to the bank - End to end Automation.

Integration Benefits -


  • Digitally onboard candidates immediately upon electronic offer acceptance

  • Automate connections between your hiring and scheduling systems

  • Auto Fill direct deposit information and tax Forms to automate payroll

  • Auto fill benefits paperwork

  • Automate signing of employee handbook

  • Easy to maintain and update Customer Mappings

Payroll and Accounting System Integration

In the above diagram see the numbers above to show the full process of taking a Candidate to an Employee all the way to cash application. See the full picture of how Autymate Handles Step 3-4.


Match Assignments with Employees and Client Worksites


Automate clock punches and time collection to drive billable charges and invoice generation


Auto-Generate Invoices to drive A/R Entries &  Match Cash Receipts with O/S Invoices


Auto-Generate Employee AP to drive Payroll entries and Check Creation

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