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March 1, 2019
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FinancialForce to QuickBooks: Accounting Automation.

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Syzygy Solutions


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Autymate Transactions for QuickBooks Desktop

Working with Autymate has been a really, really good experience for us. They’re a good company that does what they say they are going to do. If there are challenges that come up, they work through them and get the job done.

Andy Dobson
Principal Partner at Syzygy Solutions

In this case study, we dive into an automation that generates invoices from FinancialForce into QuickBooks. Now our client's customers receive their invoices faster, and the back office accounting team can close the books efficiently, with as little manual intervention as possible.



Syzygy is an Atlanta company specializing in business & IT consulting as well as IT security & risk management. We were first introduced to Syzygy while attending a Gartner conference in Orlando, FL.

In our conversation with one of their representatives, we discovered the company was migrating from their existing professional services automation (PSA) system, OpenAir by NetSuite, to a new PSA system called FinancialForce.

The Challenge

While OpenAir provided an interface with QuickBooks Enterprise, FinancialForce lacked an integration. This created an additional process for the accounting department, who had to manually create invoices in QuickBooks Enterprise using data from Financial Force on a daily basis.

This process consumed up to an hour of maintenance per day, and while one hour may not sound too heavy of a burden, it was nevertheless an unnecessary hindrance. They needed a solution to restore the efficiency, accuracy and operational focus the accounting team had previously enjoyed.
Syzygy considered other integration tools they had used in the past like Boomi, who was purchased by Dell in 2010. However, this option was simply not as economical as they had wished.

Our contact also expressed that “there is a little piece of our culture that says ‘we like to do business with companies our own size so that we support the growth of IT.’”

Our Solution

For the next 60 days, our developers and project managers collaborated with Syzygy to devise and execute this automated accounting solution.

We quickly realized that the data points we needed access to in FinancialForce were hidden, but after speaking with one of their representatives, they were happy to help us work through the issue and get us access to the data we needed.

We wrapped FinancialForce in our platform, connecting the data tables containing customers, projects, invoices, time, expenses, and products & services.

Then we installed our proprietary service in Syzygy’s QuickBooks Enterprise environment.  This service is a tool that allows us to push and pull data from a desktop application.

We mapped the inputs from FinancialForce to the outputs in QuickBooks Enterprise, and scheduled the sync to run daily.

FinancialForce Automation

Syzygy realized it would be an added bonus if they had the ability to track job projects, so we happily accommodated their request and added this feature.
Through several iterations and frequent communications between both teams, we were able to successfully deploy a working solution.

The Results

Now all invoices are automatically generated from FinancialForce into QuickBooks, meaning customers receive their invoices faster, and the accounting team can stay up to date with as little manual intervention as possible.

When asked how our solution provides value to the company aside from time savings, our client stated they simply appreciated the reliability.  

“It does what we need it to do.  It provides our executives in the company and our back office accounting team what they need to function, allowing them to avoid errors and close the books for the month efficiently.”

Syzygy also recognized the value in our ability to add more integrations and functionality to their existing business systems. On the back-end of this project, they expressed a desire to integrate SalesForce with Bullhorn for pulling in staffing data, as well as Infusionsoft to pull in marketing data from email campaigns.

All of this is part of a larger effort to make SalesForce the single system of record, with integrations that automatically bring the data in. The result is a streamlined way to automatically generate reports that provide them with key business insights.


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