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Use Autymate to integrate HR, financial and ERP systems to systematically improve recruiting, management and performance as well as streamline the daily tasks and information processing required to efficiently manage business operations.

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Benefits of HRIS/Accounting System Integration

The days of manually entering and updating HR data in multiple systems are over.

Employee Cost Tracking

Use HRIS/Accounting System Integration to track of all costs related to employees in a separate report.

Time Savings

Stop spending time collecting and inputting employee data. Enter data once into a single interface, including  payroll, forms, and benefits.

Improve Data Accessibility

HCRIS/Accounting System Integration allows employees to easily access data about leave, vacation, payroll, tax, and benefits.

Let staff and employees answer questions and resolve issues themselves, instead of relying on management and HR to resolve them.

Cost Savings

Intelligent HRIS/Accounting Automation typically results in cost savings of 40% to 75%, with the payback ranging from several months to several years.

Increased Accuracy

By inputting data on a single interface, you can increase the accuracy of payroll and HR information because information is being entered at one place by only a limited number of people. This prevents errors and saves the time to rectify any errors.

Secure HRIS/Payroll Data

Protect sensitive company and employee data. Accurate data is more secure data. By integrating all HRIS/Payroll data, it is easier to improve accuracy and reduce data breaches.

Create a Single Source of Truth

Leverage “best of class” HRIS and Accounting System integrations to achieve a unified platform and create a SSOT.

See Example Below

HCM / Accounting  System Integration -  Use Case

The diagram above shows the integrated process of onboarding a Candidate to an Employee.

Customer Details

Auto Sync and Map New Customer Details as well as Invoice, Credit Memo, Tax and discounts details from HCM to your Accounting System of Choice.

Invoice Automation

Auto-Sync AP activity including Invoice Payment and Credit Memo application between your Accounting and HCM systems.

New Hire - 1099 Onboarding

Auto-Create and Sync New Hire and 1099 Vendor records and Accounts Payable between your Accounting and HCM System.

Demo - Bullhorn/QuickBooks Online Integration