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Integrate your Hospital CMMS into All Your Key Software Systems

Automatically sync your Hospital Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to your Recalls Managements Provider, RTLS System, Parts Procurement Vendors, Cyber Security Providers, Financial Accounting System, and more...
We help organizations save 100,000+ hours on Healthcare Process Automation

Improve Compliance, Increase Data Quality & Eliminate Duplicate Workflow Processes In Your Hospital

Duplicating data entry into multiple systems is life-draining, energy expensive and prone to human error which could lead to quality and regulatory issues.

Autymate for Healthcare ensures that data is synced across your Hospital's CMMS with other systems to optimize your medical device management processes.

How does our Medical Device Management automation work to support your successful CMMS implementation?

Our Healthcare Device Management automation process is simple. We will help you break down your most complex processes and turn them into simple workflows customized to your hospital's needs and scalable to all the hospitals in your health system.
We've created a number of CMMS Integration Accelerators to help you get started with pre-defined User Stories based on the feedback that we have heard from dozens of hospital networks seeking a CMMS Integration.
Have a highly customized CMMS software solution? No worries, Autymate works with any CMMS, both on-premise and cloud based.
*Autymate's Computerized Maintenance Management System Integration Adapters work with the top CMMS suppliers in the market.*
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Discover how Autymate can help your hospital improve compliance, increase data quality and eliminate waste with our automation solutions.

Why Work With Autymate Health

You need an integration expert who also understands the struggles you face in managing your hospitals operations. There's no need to expand or overload your own IT team who may be lacking the resources to deliver your projects in a timely manner, and who may not currently have a full understanding of the business problems you are trying to solve.

By doing what you do every day to manage your medical device service programs, you are enabling your hospital (or healthcare system) to meet it’s commitment to quality of patient care, and optimize patient flow to improve the patient's overall experience while they are in your facilities.  What you do matters!!  Turbocharge your projects by working with a partner who understands the technical, operational, and regulatory challenges faced by you and your organization.

Autymate Health is well versed in CMMS Best Practices and specializes in helping you connect your CMMS to various softwares that support your Medical Device Service Program

Sync your install base & say goodbye to duplicate workflow processes

What happens in your hospital today when a new medical device is installed in your facility? How many software systems do your biomedical engineers (or imaging service providers) have to engage with to onboard a new medical device, or retire an existing device? Whether you are doing a new CMMS implementation or have an established service program in place, Autymate CMMS automations can help eliminate waste in your workflow processes!

By connecting your CMMS with your Recall management provider, RTLS system, and Cyber Security provider; you can simply create a new device once within your CMMS, and Autymate will automatically send the appropriate device details to each related system. Likewise, when retiring a device from your install base you can simply do it once in your CMMS and let Autymate handle retiring that asset in all related systems.

Utilize Autymate CMMS Connections services to sync your active medical devices with all related systems in your hospital!  Eliminating these duplicate workflow processes will not only save your organization time, but it will also increase the integrity of your overall service program and prevent a human error that could lead to costly regulatory issues.

How can system integrations support your successful CMMS implementation, and optimize your workflow processes?

See common connection requests below:

CMMS to Recalls & Alerts System

Sync Your Install Base

Automatically sync your medical devices between your CMMS & Recall Management Provider as your add/retire equipment.

Recalls Notifications

Automatically receive alerts from your Recalls provider into your CMMS.

Work Order Updates

If a Recall Notification becomes a Work Order, then close the loop by automatically updating the related record in your Recall Management System when the Work Order is closed in your CMMS.

CMMS to Remote Tracking Location Services (RTLS)

Sync Your Install Base

Automatically sync your medical devices between your CMMS & Remote Tracking Location Services (RTLS) as your add/retire equipment.

Eliminate Duplicate Workflow

Register new devices and assign badges/asset-tags in your CMMS. No need to duplicate work in both systems.

On Demand Equipment Location in CMMS

Get instant equipment location within your CMMS with the click of a button (or through scheduled data pushes). Quickly find equipment within CMMS while managing Work Orders, Recalls, etc...

CMMS to Cyber Security Connection

Vulnerability Alerts

Automatically sync your medical devices between your CMMS & Cyber Security provider as your add/retire equipment.

Recalls Notifications

Automatically receive vulnerability alerts from your Cyber Security provider into your CMMS.

Work Order Updates

If a Vulnerability Alert becomes a Work Order, then close the loop by automatically updating related records in your Cyber Security solution when the Work Order is closed in CMMS.

CMMS to Parts Procurement Services

Order Parts from within your CMMS Work Orders

Connect to parts procurement platforms to easily get the parts you need to repair and maintain your equipment.

Automatically feed parts transaction details from your parts provider's system, back to your CMMS Work order.

CMMS to Financial System Connection

Deeper Understanding & Better Financial Controls

Feed data to/from your financial system to help with common financial needs such as:

  • Analyzing Parts Spend

  • Labor Costs Considerations

  • Leverage Purchasing Power

  • Asset Capital Planning

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Discover how Autymate can help your hospital improve compliance, increase data quality and eliminate waste with our automation solutions.

Have the most accurate, decision-quality data every day

Get your most complex systems integrated into one single source of truth so you can pull up the most accurate reporting data for all the hospitals in your network at one time.

Reduce Audit Risk

Automate manual activities and data validation, to reduct audit risk.

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Discover how Autymate can help your hospital improve compliance, increase data quality and eliminate waste with our automation solutions.

One dashboard for everything

Manage all your hospitals integrations from a straightforward dashboard and see all of your centers in a single glance to ensure your install base management and related processes are on auto-pilot.
Our human-centered approach to creating workflows and interfaces ensures that you get the best customized automation experience that works for you and your health system.
Bryan Perdue
CEO, Autymate

Need something more advanced?

Aside from medical device management automation, we also offer access to the API of 250+ leading business platforms! (See our complete list here).

We'll help you create the best integrations during our whiteboard session, so you get a single source of truth for your hospital system.

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Kevin Porter
President & CEO
AMT Saved Us 150K!

“Autymate has improved our operational efficiency while reducing technology labor costs through data automation and real-time exception alerting. The support and overall customer experience have been great.”

Chief Financial Officer
AMT makes managing 450 QuickBooks Online Accounts a Breeze

“Autymate helped us integrate 6 disparate systems, creating a KPI dashboard providing real-time provider productivity figures”

Want Autymate for your Hospital or ISV Software?

Our automation services allow you to seamlessly integrate each of the ISV Software services you utilize to manage your healthcare equipment. There is no doubt that you already have a plan in place to ensure that all your business processes are in sync. Now you can also sync all of your ISV Software that enables those processes!

By fully integrating all of the software utilized in the management of your healthcare equipment you can improve efficiency, eliminate waste, reduce labor cost, improve compliance, minimize audit risk, service equipment faster and more!

Let Autymate do the heavy lifting for you

It's now time to be proactive in Automating Your Hospital’s Processes. Automation allows you to stop reactively managing daily tasks to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Let’s work together to ensure your KPI’s are met, and your Hospital’s Equipment stays up and running in the most efficient way possible.
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Discover how Autymate can help your hospital improve compliance, increase data quality and eliminate waste with our automation solutions.

Frequently Asked Question

Can Autymate work with my existing software vendor?
Yes! We utilize the industry best practices for developing connectivity to transmit data between software systems. We have multiple connection methods and we are capable of connecting to any software with APIs available. If we don't already have an existing connection with your software vendor, we will meet with them to discuss available options to meet the needs of the business.
How can I start working with Autymate?
Schedule a whiteboard session with us so we know 100% what you need and can provide you with the best solutions customized to ensure your hospitals successful CMMS implementation.
How long is the whiteboard session
Our whiteboard session usually lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour long. It helps us answer all your questions about our product and what it can do for you. But, we promise you, an hour is often too short!
What happens during a whiteboard session?
The purpose of the whiteboarding session is to determine the specific functionality and features most desired by your company. We will document the various software used within your hospital's medical device service program so we can understand the entire scope of the integration required to ensure your CMMS is the Single Source of Truth for your Hospital.
What happens after a whiteboard session?
We send a quote with 3-4 options. Once we get a signed Statement of Work, we start the project.
What happens before we start the project?
We go on a Kick-off call with you to focus on your customer persona and get the requirements to build the design.
How do you ensure that the project you're making is 100% fit for me?
We follow human-centered design best practices and build a pixel-perfect design of the desired solution. We conduct stakeholder/user interviews to evaluate what features, data and reports are most important to meet the Hospital's needs. We then have a series of frequent touchpoints throughout the implementation process to ensure everyone is happy and that each project step stays on track.
How can I review the project's progress while you work on it?
Our feedback-focused engagement means you and your team have complete visibility of the project. We will build the project plan on and build your solution following the feedback we receive from the stakeholders/user who reviewed the prototype.
Can I test the automation in a real-life environment before it is implemented?
Yes, you can! Once the solution is done, we will work with your CMMS administrators to set up beta testing in either a Sandbox environment and create onboarding documentation for user training.
What happens when the project is done?
We get to the fun part - go live! Once the beta test is completed, we will assist you with your deployment strategy including training materials for your employees, to ensure they understand the full benefits of the software integrations and recognize the value this brings to your CMMS implementation and overall service program. Upon go-live, your employees will see a reduction in their daily data entry tasks and recognize the benefit of the integration immediately.