CPA Client Engagement Automation

Drastically reduce staff time required to collect and aggregate data to
create custom client reports.

Helping accountants across the globe simplify and transform
their business through automation.

What you will get from CPA Client Engagement App

Great User Management System

You can create multiple users and assign them different permissions. So your salesperson can only view and create sales, and the purchasing team can only create and send purchase orders.

  • Full Control over user rights

  • Delete/Modify users

  • Give Access to specific project

  • Invite users via E-mail

Export Data from any Major
Accounting System into Excel and
Custom Reports in Autymate

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Use Autymate’s Digital CPA Client Engagment Platform to optimize customer service and enable efficient value-based pricing.

  • COGS Reduction

  • Increased Profits

  • “Real-time access” to decision quality data

  • Higher gross margins

  • Increase data accuracy

  • Ability to scale client base exponentially

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