Franchise Automation

Improve store efficiency, simplify consolidations, and gain
real-time visibility across multiple locations.

Track financial performance for each franchise location and easily roll up to a consolidated view with Autymate’s Franchise Automation Solution.

Streamline processes and scale with ease

  • Accounting systems need manual data entry to keep accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger in sync.

  • As your business grows, and locations expand, so do the manual processes that drive up costs. The result is inefficiency, duplicate entries, human error and potential fraud.

  • Autymate connects both cloud and legacy systems to function with the utmost efficiency, giving you access to up-to-date numbers anytime, anywhere.

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Case Study

Automated POS Integration with QuickBooks Desktop and Online

Macromatix POS

What we did

15 Stores

Eliminated 40 hours per Week

Before Autymate: 40 hours * 52 Weeks * $17 an hour = $35,360 in Costs

After Autymate: 15 Stores * 15 Stores * $20 Per Store = $300 Monthly

RESULT -> $35,360 - $3,600(Annual project costs) = $31,176 in savings

100% Accurate


Reduction in fraud because more time is spent
looking at the numbers vs getting the numbers

“The Autymate franchise automation solution provided us with real time access to consolidated store performance data and the ability to track financial performance for each of our 15 stores.”

-Stormi Kidd, Jimmy Johns Franchise Owner

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