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March 29, 2023
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Automating Accounting for Franchise Success - Decorating Den Case Study

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Autymate | Accounting Automation

"Autymate has been a game-changer for our franchisees. Automating accounting processes has saved our franchisees time and resources, allowing them to focus on their core business. The integration of Salesforce and QuickBooks Online has simplified the accounting process and provided consistency across all locations. We highly recommend Autymate to any franchise looking to streamline its accounting processes.

Bobbie Combs
Director of Training

In this case study, we'll review how Autymate helped streamline Decorating Den business processes. Decorating Den faced challenges with its accounting processes, leading to inconsistencies and errors in the chart of accounts. Autymate provided a solution that streamlined their accounting processes, saved time, and reduced costs while supporting growth and success. By automating accounting, franchisees could focus on their core business and leave the accounting to Autymate, ensuring compliance and consistency across all locations.

Autymate provided daily schedules for mapping documents to the destination system, ensuring all the required fields were moved over with proper error logging. The workflow steps provided a simple sign-up flow for onboarding new users. Autymate integration features provided a clear plan to interface between Salesforce and QuickBooks Online, creating customers, products and services, and projects to generate invoices. Credit memos were created for harmful order amounts, and retainers were created as sales receipts in QuickBooks. In addition, Autymate provided expenses for active projects assigned at the line level, creating purchase orders in Salesforce.


Decorating Den is a leading interior design franchise with over 200 locations in the United States and Canada. The company has been in business for over 50 years and offers services to help clients create beautiful and functional spaces. Decorating Den's franchisees work with clients to understand their unique styles and needs, providing personalized design solutions that fit their budget and timeline.

In this case study, Decorating Den approached Autymate for help in automating their accounting processes and standardizing their chart of accounts across all franchise locations. With Autymate solution, Decorating Den was able to save time, reduce costs, and streamline its accounting processes. In addition, by automating the importing of financial data, standardizing their chart of accounts, and providing support for bank feeds and rules, Decorating Den was able to simplify its bookkeeping and ensure consistency across all franchise locations.

Autymate solution provided Decorating Den with quick and reliable Tier 1 and Tier 2 support, making it easy for franchisees to onboard and use the system. With the help of Autymate, Decorating Den was able to focus on growing its business and delivering high-quality design services to its clients.


The Challenge

Decorating Den faced significant challenges in its accounting processes. They struggled to automate the import into their chart accounts each month, and the lack of standardization in their Chart of Accounts was causing inconsistency across all their franchise locations. Additionally, they spent significant time on manual bookkeeping tasks, leading to decreased productivity and increased costs.

The franchisees needed access to their books from anywhere. In addition, the company needed help to streamline the onboarding process for QBO, COA, and integration while ensuring compliance with all franchisees that signed up. Overall, their accounting processes could have been more efficient, leading to a lack of clarity in their financials and reducing their ability to make data-driven decisions. Autymate was brought in to address these challenges and provide a solution that would simplify their bookkeeping, save time, and reduce costs while providing the support they needed to grow and succeed.

Our Solution

Autymate addressed Decorating Den's accounting and bookkeeping needs by offering a comprehensive automation platform that standardizes the chart of accounts, creates business intelligence dashboards, and integrates with QuickBooks Online (QBO) and Salesforce. Additionally, by streamlining the onboarding process for QBO, COA, and integration, Autymate ensured compliance across all franchisees that signed up while also providing quick Tier 1 and Tier 2 support through a chat system with a 5-minute response time and 1-on-1 assistance.

Through the implementation of Autymate platform, Decorating Den was able to automate the importing into chart accounts each month, standardize the chart of accounts through a simple onboarding process, and provide 4 hours of monthly support for bank feeds and rules, all while providing access to books from anywhere with cost-effective bookkeepers.

Additionally, the Autymate platform facilitated easy scalability with a simple 3-minute onboarding process and best-in-class franchise onboarding and support process, allowing franchises to grow without adding overhead to their team.

Each Franchisee saved an average of 3 hours per week, resulting in an annual savings of $5,460 per Franchisee. It was achieved through streamlining accounting processes, reducing manual bookkeeping tasks, and automating import into the chart of accounts, resulting in increased productivity and decreased costs. With 170 Franchisees, Decorating Den saved over $928,200 annually, enabling the franchise to invest in other business areas and drive growth.

You can view the Landing Page Here to see the on-boarding process for the store owners.

Onboard franchisees easily with Autymate's direct link to the Franchise Landing Page. Franchisees can sign up quickly using Signup button and start benefiting from the automated accounting platform, saving an average of 3 hours per week and $5,460 annually.


Autymate successful partnership with Decorating Den is an excellent example of how Autymate can empower franchisors across various industries. By providing tailor-made solutions, Autymate assists franchisors in addressing their unique challenges and creating a single source of truth for their franchisees.

Empowering Franchisors with Tailor-made Solutions

Decorating Den's partnership with Autymate allowed them to simplify their bookkeeping processes, save time and reduce costs, and provide the support they need to grow and succeed. Autymate's solution offered numerous benefits, including automating accounting tasks, standardizing the chart of accounts, providing support for bank feeds and rules, and offering access to books from anywhere.

Future-proofing franchise operations were possible by leveraging advanced technology and automation, streamlining franchise onboarding processes, and providing comprehensive reporting, including benchmarking between stores, royalty management, and budget analysis.

Fostering Strong Client Relationships

Autymate understands the importance of fostering long-term relationships with its clients. By offering exceptional support, seamless onboarding, and customized solutions, Autymate ensures its clients experience the utmost satisfaction and achieve their desired results. Decorating Den's success is a testament to Autymate's commitment to helping franchisors optimize their operations and reach their full potential.

Streamlining Accounting and Gaining Business Insights

Autymate solution brought about a transformation in Decorating Den's accounting processes. They achieved consistency across all franchises and experienced significant time savings. The company now had access to crucial business insights, which empowered them to make more informed decisions and focus on growth.

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If you're looking for an automated solution to simplify your bookkeeping and streamline your accounting processes, look no further than Autymate. Our solution can help franchises save time, reduce costs, and focus on driving profits. With a standardized chart of accounts, access to books from anywhere, and quick Tier 1 and Tier 2 support, Autymate provides the tools and resources you need to take your business to the next level.

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