Payroll Integration

Automate and streamline any cloud payroll process with plug-and-play data integration.

Complete payroll integration.
Let Autymate “Magically” make it happen.

Autymate’s “plug-and-play” SaaS Payroll Solution delivers 360° integration between all major payroll systems and your accounting platform.

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Automate and eliminate manual workflows.
Integrate your payroll system - any payroll system - any time.

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Streamline your payroll process

Seamless Integration

No need to manually create or update data. New hire data from your ATS is automatically pushed to your Payroll System and created as an employee record.

Zero Errors

By automating data entry through Autymate's integration platform, you can rest assured that  payroll data matches data in your HCM (e.g. Bullhorn) 100%.


Autymate's fully secure Integration Platform encrypts source data upon retrieval and maintains encryption throughout the integration process.

Multiple Connectors

Use the Autymate Platform to perform integrations across a wide variety of HCM modules including ATS, Core HRIS systems, and Payroll.

Payroll System Integration - Use Case


Auto-Create New Hire or 1099 Vendor in your Payroll System of Choice.


Sync Weekly Batch Payroll Details (including employee hours, earning codes etc.) into Payroll System.


Sync Weekly employee and 1099 Vendor payroll details from your payroll system into your HCMS.


Export actual payroll burden to HCMS.

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