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April 14, 2019
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Autymate Partners with ULP to Automate Productivity Reports

Productivity KPIs
900+ Providers
2000 Hours
Saved Annually






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Autymate helped us integrate 6 disparate systems, creating a KPI dashboard providing real-time provider productivity figures.


The University of Louisville Physicians needed a better way to create and manage reports on more than 900 physicians. We built an application that connects to 6 sources to automatically generate the reports on a daily basis.


The University of Louisville Physicians needed a better way to create and manage reports on more than 900 physicians. We built an application that connects to 6 sources to automatically generate the reports on a daily basis.


UofL Physicians (ULP) is the largest multi-specialty physician practice in Louisville, with more than 78 subspecialties, and over 900 physicians. ULP was seeking a more efficient way to track labor statistics on their providers.

These statistics are essential because they are matched against national benchmark reports to ensure ULP’s physicians are fairly compensated, while also allowing the organization to accurately forecast and budget for the year.

The Challenge

Collecting the data from every physician was a challenge. Physicians completed their monthly work assignments on paper forms, and then scanned and delivered them to the finance department via email, or even by hand.

Once received, an employee entered the details into Excel. Take this process, repeat it 900 times for every provider, multiply this by 12 for every month, and you can begin to get a scope of how large of a manual process this was.

Yet this was only a piece of the puzzle. Additional data from disparate systems were required to complete the picture. Physicians had data living in the organization’s EHR, HR, & Billing systems. This data was also manually extracted and entered into the same Excel sheet to be matched against data from the benchmark reports, which was also imported manually.

This entire process required the dedication of a full-time employee. Getting answers to their most important business questions was no small or easy task. Understandably, our client generated this report when they could, which was about once a quarter.

Our Solution

After we consulted with the CFO and other key individuals in the finance department to understand this process from end-to-end, we determined the necessary features and data points required to automate the generation of this report. ULP needed an application with many integrations, functions, roles, and security trimmings, and we were thrilled to help!

We started by replacing the paper work assignments each physician completed on a monthly basis. The data entered in the electronic form would automatically save and import into their crosswalk, eliminating the need to manually enter over 900 physicians!

Autymate App: Provider Tracking
Autymate App: Provider Dashboard

Each department chair was given the ability to identify which providers have outstanding work assignments, so they can follow up accordingly. We also configured email notifications to automatically go out to providers as reminders to submit their forms.

Autymate App: Provider Dashboard

We provide security trimming for certain user roles so that the department chair can only see and access the providers within their department, and physicians can’t see data on other physicians, etc.

To eliminate the other manual entry processes, integrations were established with EPIC, ADP, GE Centricity, Sage, and benchmark reports published by the MGMA, AAMC, and FPSC. Once integrated, this streamlined the creation of the crosswalk report, automatically delivering the finance department with key insights on a daily basis, without dedicating hundreds of hours to data extraction, entry, and manipulation.

Autymate App Inetgration

The Result

The result of this one-of-a-kind connected application was a much more efficient process for tracking data on over 900 providers.

The application is unique in that it integrates 6 different data sources and file types to automatically generate consolidated dashboard reports. Our platform also gives us the flexibility to add new systems, new features, or dashboard widgets as needed; everything is configurable and customizable.

The ULP app loads the data from these sources, maps it to the appropriate fields, applies ULPs formulas and logic, and then generates rich reports that help drive better decisions. No more manual data entry means the department can get their reports on a daily basis as opposed to quarterly.

The client estimated our app would provide time savings of 2,000 hours annually, the equivalent of a full-time employee. Now the department can allocate those resources to focus on the critical initiatives that drive their business forward.

Even more, the organization gained insight into the effectiveness of each department, as well as each individual provider. This information increases transparency and ensures providers are efficiently providing care, which ultimately results in better care to patients.

One last additional benefit that deserves mentioning is how their new app reduces their environmental footprint, by replacing and eliminating over 10,800 pieces of paper annually!


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