Frequently Asked Question

How can I start working with Autymate?
Schedule a whiteboard session with us so we know 100% what you need and can provide you with the best solutions customized for your franchise business.
How much is a whiteboarding session?
The whiteboarding session is completely FREE! It's there for us to get to know you and your business so we can give you a picture-perfect accounting automation solution for your business.
How long is the whiteboard session
Our whiteboard session usually lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour long. It helps us answer all your questions about our product and what it can do for you. But, we promise you, an hour is often too short! And you will leave with a 1-page diagram showing you how to create a Single Source of Truth for your business that you can easily share with the C-Suite to get traction on streamlining your franchise's business processes.
What happens during a whiteboard session?
We will design the Single Source of Truth for your Franchise, where you can enter the data in your Point of Sale or other business system and have it automatically be transferred into QuickBooks.
What happens after a whiteboard session?
We send a quote with 3-4 options. Once we get a signed Statement of Work, we start the project.
What happens before we start the project?
We go on a Kick-off call with you to focus on your users persona and get the requirements to build the design.
How do you ensure that the project you're making is 100% fit for me?
We follow human-centered design best practices and build a pixel-perfect design of the desired solution. We conduct customer/user interviews to evaluate what they do for their accounting and ensure that the solution will meet the Franchisee's needs.
How can I review the project's progress while you work on it?
Our feedback-focused engagement means you have complete visibility of the project. We will build the project plan on and build your solution following the feedback we receive from the user who reviewed the prototype.