HR Data Visualization

Empower your team with real-time access to actionable, decision quality data.

It can be done.
Let’s figure out how...

Autymate brings your data
together for quicker, better
business decisions.

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Benefits of Data Visualization

  • Tap into the true potential of your data.

  • Retrieve data almost instantaneously.

  • The team can find the data they require without consulting IT staff.

  • Higher gross margins.

  • Increase data accuracy.

  • Team members can use their time more efficiently.

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Customize Your Views

Customize your visualization

Create pie charts, graphs, interactive maps, and other visualizations of your data with just a few clicks.


Set alerts to be notified of data changes.

Real Time Updates

Confidence you always have current reports with real-time data updates.

Refine the data

Add or remove data points, create calculated fields, and filters.


Annotate the chart data for further commentary and discussion.


Use our governance tools to further refine and control who has access to what data.