Healthcare Provider Productivity

Dynamically integrate data to visualize productivity real time.

Provider Productivity Tracking Solution

Turn cumbersome data into exceptional insight — without duplication or pre-transformation.

Connect or combine thousands of datasets from any source with real-time dynamic data transformations.

Track % of time providers spend in the clinic vs in research.

Track physician work plans.

Compare provider statistics against national benchmarks.

Eliminated countless hours spent on manual data entry and analytics.

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Benefits of Autymate's Provider
Productivity Tracking Solution

  • API Connections

    Connect to 100s of API Endpoints to create a Single Source of Truth (SSOT).

  • Cost Savings

    Integration optimization between systems generates direct cost saving by reducing FTE headcount required to maintain and track data from various systems.

  • Data Manipulation

    Citizen developers can now say “I need this data”, structured “this way”, so I can address this objective, so the Enterprise can become better.

  • Powerful Visualizations

    Use Autymate’s No-Code/Low Code Platform to quickly deploy and leverage KPI Dashboards.

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