Fin Ops Automation

“Create an integrated and automated AR, AP, Credit Card and Expense Reimubursement Platform”
Don’t be left behind

Optimize your financial operations

  • Reduce reliance on manual processes for reporting and analysis

  • Connect legacy and cloud systems

  • Eliminate manual reconciliations

  • Optimize “time to close” and move ahead of the competition

  • Leverage accurate real-time financial information to make  informed and timely decisions

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One Platform = Single Source of Truth

Create an Integrated Receivables SaaS Platform

Accept, process and post LockBox payments and associated remittances in a single pass.

Automate expense
report processing and reimbursment

Anytime, Anywhere Accounts Payable for your Distributed Workforce.

Automate Credit Card  Accounting

CC transactions and payments are seamlessly processed and passed into accounting software, and applied to the general ledger or credited to an invoice.

AP Automation

Accept, process and post LockBox payments and associated remittances to easily capture, code and update your financial system in a single pass.

Stay ahead of the competition

  • Bring together data from multiple systems to make the best decisions

  • Connect legacy and cloud systems

  • Use Autymate to connect disparate data from 100s of sources (ERP, Accounting, HR, CRM, and more) to streamline routine tasks

  • Thrive in an age of digital disruption

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Case Study:
IT consulting company automates invoice processing
to streamline bookkeeping

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