App development reimagined.

Experience the power of a unified platform.

App generation advantages

Rapidly create web and mobile applications with Autymate's low-code/no-code platform.

Built apps 10x faster

  • Autymate uses low-code, no-code, and artificial intelligence to deliver your solution up to 10x faster.

  • Accomplish what used to take weeks in only minutes, resulting in direct cost savings for our customers.

  • Reach out to our team for a quote so we can build it for you in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

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Accelerate time to value

Autymate's drag and drop UI, data mapping tools, and a comprehensive library of connectors, coupled with support for various integration patterns enable you to build any integration with exceptional speed.

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Data driven

  • When it comes to building a custom app for your clients the Autymate Platform fills in all the gaps. Our team can use our platform to rapidly generate the app you or your clients have always wanted.

  • With our platform your web & mobile applications are built using your own data as fuel. Autymate pulls together data from your existing systems to create an automated streamlined process, unique to your business.

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KPI Dashboards

The Autymate platform can build custom dashboards to display the performance indicators you care most about.

Stop manually extracting data from multiple systems, manipulating and pivoting numbers in Excel.

We can help.

"Live" connections to all your data means real time, actionable answers to your business questions.

Fully integrated dashboards

  • Every company uses a unique combination of systems and data structures for executing their business operations.

  • Autymate builds dashboards that displays data from hundreds of sources, for actionable, real-time analytics.

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See only what you need

Most out-of-the-box tools come with complicated features you won't ever use.  

With Autymate, you’ll see every KPI and data point you need — without all the fluff.

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Use your own tools

If you use your own data visualization tools like Microsoft Power BI or Tableau, you can use Autymate to connect your disparate data sources into the reporting tools you’re already comfortable using.

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