Strategic Partnerships

Seeking strategic partners and value added resellers
with complementary capabilities to gain access to new markets and channels,
share intellectual property  infrastructure, and reduce project risk.

Newbury SI Group

Newbury SI Group is a business process and IT services consulting firm specializing in front and back office hyper automation for the Staffing/Recruitment Industry. Newbury assists Bullhorn clients with technology roadmap strategy, software implementation and optimization, data migration, customizations, Canvas reporting, training and support and marketplace partner selection and deployment. Newbury has been implementing staffing industry applications since 2005. Your company will benefit from our experience with Front Office and Pay/Bill systems for top 100 staffing firms and our deep understanding of best practices.

Enhanced Partner Relationships

A strategic partnership means access to new customers, opportunity to reach new markets and channels, share intellectual property, create added value for current and previous customers, reduce risk, enhance brand awareness and brand trust.

Partnership Success Factors

  • Alignment on parent and partnership objectives.

  • Effective internal communication and trust.

  • Constructive governance leadership and processes.

  • Clearly defined incentives and KPIs.

  • Proactive communication to external parties.

  • Defined roles and responsibilities.

Become a Partner


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Our Strategic Partners