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Quickbooks and Excel: Make it Easy

March 3, 2022
Min read
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Easily transfer your data from Excel to QuickBooks Online with this accounting automation software!

Accounting for businesses is so complicated that a simple mistake can topple a whole system down. We're not even exaggerating it.

In fact, we'll tell you something: When accounting is paired with technology, unthinkable horrors happen, especially if your business is not using technology correctly.

A survey found out that 27.5 percent of professionals admitted that they've found out that incorrect data was manually encoded into their accounting database.

Meanwhile, 17% of them accidentally deleted essential Excel formulas that altered sensitive financial data completely.

And, if these errors go undetected, you'll likely be losing tons of money or be paying a massive sum on IRS civil penalties- all because you've incorrectly reported business income.

Thanks to technology for coming up with an answer- Accounting Integration.

This article will tell you why accounting integration software is a must-have for your business.

Benefits of Workflow Automation Software

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Automate Tasks to Save Time

Utilizing software that can automate repetitive processes will undoubtedly help boost productivity, save time, and keep every team member working on things that can provide fair value to the company.

A good accounting integration software will let you put in data from your sheets to your cloud-based database without requiring you to work with codes you're not familiar with or manually input data to update your existing accounting information.

Automate the Workflow Process

You will be able to identify, organize, and coordinate both small and large tasks that produce a specific and defined outcome. While not every business process can be automated, improving and automating workflows will help increase output across all team members, reduce the need for menial tasks, and eliminate human error. 

Workflow Software Lets You Focus on What Matters

This will let you focus on a smaller, more structured set of other tasks that repeat constantly and can be translated into a pre-built workflow management process and then built into automated tasks. You can also use these workflow processes to your advantage by developing standard operating procedures for your company while building and defining the custom workflows that your company needs to execute its business process properly.

Minimize Accounting Errors That Can Be Detrimental To Your Company In The Long Run

Research shows that 13% of professionals confessed to overriding system data with numbers calculated outside the company's enterprise program.

And that’s not all the human errors you can prevent by putting reliable accounting integration software in place. 

Accounting integration software minimizes discrepancies in data entry, helping businesses resolve issues in their database without incurring additional, unforeseen costs.

Think of it as a long-term investment that helps your company achieve upward growth.

With a reliable accounting integration, your business could be less prone to human errors and malfunctions in your accounting system.

Focus on Critical Business Processes

Instead of wasting time on monotonous and repetitive tasks, you can now apply this extra effort and energy towards the much larger task of growing your business. You can easily connect your accounting tools with your payroll software to ensure the highest efficiency across your human resources with workflow automation software.

Save Money and Invest in Other Tools

By building out automated processes such as these, you will save time and finances. By putting in the right workflow automation tools to manage your complex business processes, you will be saving money on labor costs that can be better spent investing back into the company and allowing you to scale.

Now you can pull off better pizza parties and company getaways without ever worrying about doing accounting the same old way!

Work Smarter and Avoid Human Error

Automated workflows also help reduce the event of human error when performing manual processes. While some people are indeed less prone to mistakes than others, over 25% of companies have reported instances of important accounting data inputted incorrectly by one of their human employees.

Even the best team member will make a mistake now and then. 

However, in accounting, even one small mistake can be disastrous later.

Using the right tools to systemize this process guarantees that work will be done accurately and immediately.

Successful Companies Use Business Process Automation Tools

Across almost every industry today, having an automated workflow has become an integral component to success. Nearly 80% of top-performing companies have used marketing automation for more than two years. That number is only expected to rise as workflow automation tools become better, more intelligent, and more efficient!

The benefits of automation across all business processes are vast. The key to their success is finding the right tools and workflow software to complement the specific needs of your business.

Why Should You Make the Switch?

Human talking to a robot

Automation Software Is For Everyone

The best part about finding a quality workflow management system that functions through automation is that it won't cost you an arm and a leg nowadays. You literally can get an accounting automation software for a few bucks. 

Not long ago, workflow automation software was a pipe dream of the future, only utilized by multi-billion dollar companies who could afford to develop their custom tools with their team of developers and a hefty lump of cash.

Nowadays, even small companies can tap into the workflow automation market, taking advantage of the new tools and solutions that are available today.

Boost Productivity and Use Structured Workflow Data

Good workflow management software allows small businesses to automate their processes at lower costs than ever. In addition, you will be able to eliminate time-consuming tasks such as data entry, creating reports, and more with our software integration services.

You can focus on growing your business and creating different workflows that are new and beneficial without having to deal with the burden of manual processes and repetitive tasks.

An automated workflow is guaranteed to save you time and money, from lean automation software that you can easily connect to your accounting and payroll solutions to complex business process automation that can assist with larger tasks such as project management.

Automated Tasks Let You Focus on Your Long Term Strategy

With a workflow management system that is strategically reliant on automation, companies are left with the time to plan, innovate, and close deals. You could even have your cup of coffee while watching your data transfer from one database into the cloud. 

Stop wasting your time and create a strategy to build workflows that replicate and scale your company. The ultimate answer is an accounting integration software designed to simplify your accounting processes. 

Imagine if there was a way for business owners to automate all of their accounting and payroll processes without ever needing to learn a single line of code. Don't you think it's so convenient?

As it turns out, that solution is now a reality for companies and franchises that rely on accounting integration platforms to streamline and optimize this aspect of their business.

Accounting Integration Made For Your Business

Autymate, a SaaS tool platform in the financial and accounting space, offers the flexibility of working with different Apps and databases linked together to simplify and streamline complex and mundane tasks, such as copying over transactions from QuickBooks to Microsoft Excel sheets.

Autymate's savvy user interface allows businesses to seamlessly transport their data from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online in just a few clicks, without manually updating them.

Now you can be productive while minimizing the risks of human errors in updating your sensitive accounting data. The automation is designed with an intuitive AI that lets a computer migrate data in real-time into the cloud.

Unlike most accounting integration software in the space, Autymate is designed to be convenient and look precisely like QuickBooks Online, which you are familiar with, making it easy to build your integration. If you know QuickBooks, then you can Automate your work!

Autymate Dashboard Step 5 Field Mappings Screenshot


Engineered to migrate your data into the cloud safely, you can drink your espresso in peace as Autymate powerfully syncs your accounting information error-free.

This makes it ideal for businesses looking for a way to automate their workflow and reduce time spent on repetitive tasks without breaking the bank in high labor costs or complex custom coding scripts.

The Ease and Simplicity of Automated Workflows

Although various software on the market today allows you to automate certain types of data entry, none can fuse simplicity and power the way that Autymate can.

Manual data input might be one of the most time-consuming and inconvenient tasks in the corporate world that people perform. While there's no doubt that it is one of the most crucial business processes, it certainly is a tedious job.

It not only puts you into stressful workflows but also consumes precious time and resources, reducing your productivity to zilch.


Business automation tools make it easy to manage complex processes with little effort. For example, when syncing your data from Excel sheets (or Google Sheets)  into QuickBooks Online, it’s best to use credible accounting integration software to make it easier to migrate your accounting information.

With Autymate, you can connect your accounting and payroll solutions from your Excel sheets to QuickBooks Online.

We know how frustrating it can be to transfer data manually and do everything by yourself, only to find out you've been making tons of errors without realizing it!

And this is why we've engineered Autymate to help you automate complex accounting and payroll processes without ever writing a single line of code. With Autymate, you can sync, transfer and update data in just a few clicks.

With Autymate, you'll be able to:

  • Save time by taking advantage of automatic data uploads.
  • Utilize the in-app feature that lets you upload your data into the cloud without the need for manual editing, copy-pasting, and committing errors while going through the process.
  • Sync data on a computer to get real-time updates on your company's performance, file any sales receipt, budget tracking, cash flow, and anything finance.
  • Schedule automated data uploads, so you can easily integrate your existing data into the cloud at best possible time.
  • Guarantee that your data is up to date and accurate all the time
  • Save up to 52 hours a month on manual accounting processes!
  • Also, we guarantee you will save money, or it’s free!

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Learn more about our workflow management process. For example, click this link to build automation with Excel in minutes.  Or click this link to check out Autymate features and see how easy it is to streamline your accounting and payroll processes. 

Bryan Perdue
Founder & CEO, Autymate
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Bryan leads all client engagement, leveraging his business process experience to “autymate” manual workflows by creating low-code/no-code data integrations and custom applications that deliver decision quality data into the hands of business users.

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