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Autymate Named Shark Tank Winner at QuickBooks Conference.

Market Update
November 6, 2018
Min read
Autymate’s CEO Bryan Perdue at Shark Tank Winner at QuickBooks Conference - Blog - Autymate

After winning a Shark Tank hosted by Intuit, founder of Autymate, Bryan Perdue shows a room of the top 250 QuickBooks resellers how businesses are saving thousands of hours and dollars with Autymate.

On Sunday November 4th 2018, Autymate attended a QuickBooks Solution Provider Conference in San Jose California.  The conference, hosted by Intuit, was held in conjunction with QuickBooks Connect, and included a shark tank pitch competition where a selected number of companies pitched their new products created to help individuals and businesses better utilize QuickBooks.

Autymate presented a simple, step-by-step integration solution for businesses, especially franchises, to automatically get their data from many disparate systems into QuickBooks.

Founder Bryan Perdue demonstrated a recent use case where a Jimmy Johns franchise owner who owned 12 locations was spending an upwards of 1,500 hours a year importing their financial data into QuickBooks.

Using Autymate, the franchise owner completely automated this manual process, saving thousands of hours and dollars as a result.  Even better, the automation provided 100% financial accuracy, giving the company a clear measure to protect against fraud, which unfortunately had gone unnoticed before.

The panel of judges awarded Autymate the winner of the competition for its unique flexibility to create complex automations between over 120 different business systems. For winning, Autymate was awarded a cash prize and the opportunity to present in front of the top 250 QuickBooks resellers in the United States.

Brad Plaschke
CCO - Chief Strategist - Co Founder - GC
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