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*Pricing is subject to change by intuit at any time.
* QuickBooks Desktop pricing applies to the first year only. After year one, customer will be charged MSRP.
*To qualify and keep your QuickBooks Discount, you must have an active Autymate Integration Subscription 2 days after purchase and maintain your subscription. Learn more here.

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What version of QuickBooks Desktop Should I Choose?

Usually, you can use what you are currently using now and just get a new version. If you hit F2 in QuickBooks, it will show you what you currently have. Just upgrade to the same license configuration.

Watch this video below to determine what the correct user count and license type for your needs:

*Remember, the right option for you is based on two factors how many users do you want to access the file at one time, and what version of QuickBooks do you need between the Pro Plus, Premier Plus, and Enterprise.